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Strongarm Industrial Manipulators

Strongarm Industries, Inc. is the technology leader in design and development of industrial manipulators. Specializing in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric manipulators.

Strongarm Ergonomic Industrial Manipulators

The Strongarm Industrial Manipulator is a low cost solution for ergonomic lifting and material handling, enhancing safety, reducing fatigue and minimizing injuries while improving overall productivity.

As the leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial manipulators, Strongarm Industries has designed solutions that are currently in use by hundreds of different industries, creating safer, more efficient workflows.

Each Strongarm machine and attachment is custom designed to simulate the action of the human arm, hand or wrist according to the needs of the particular situation.

With virtually no limit to the possible configurations, attachments can include anything from our standard hooks, electromagnets, and core grips, to pneumatic clamps or vacuums.

All can be equipped with the ability to up-end, down-end, rotate and tilt the payload.

Whatever your material handling challenge, We can devise an ergonomic Strongarm solution. Fill out our application data sheet to let us know more about your project, or give us a call at 409-835-1330.

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The available industrial manipulator models include:

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