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Strongarm Industries provides cost effective solutions for the lifting, handling, packaging and processing of material for customers big and small. Our professional engineering teams design custom, ergonomic solutions that enhance safety and efficiency in material handling and packaging on manufacturing floors around the world.

Solutions from Strongarm Industries are manufactured to specification in our own full-service machining, sheet metal, heavy metal fabricating, electronic, electrical and mechanical assembly departments. Product finishing is also performed in our own paint shop, affording customers the benefits of a completely self-sufficient and fully integrated operation. In addition to design and manufacturing of custom solutions, Strongarm Industries offers a variety of manufacturing products and services. Please contact us to begin the process of solving your individual needs.


At Strongarm Industries, we've built our business on integrity and trust. We understand that our solutions are critical to your bottom line and we take that responsibility to heart. We don't expect your trust; we earn it, through unmatched service and availability and the design and manufacturing of dependable solutions.

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