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Tex-Seal  Rubber Balewrapper


The new Tex-Seal II® represents the latest in wrapping technology with an Allen Bradley Panel View1000 touch screen to monitor the wrapper and diagnose problems.

Enhance Safety and Efficiency with Tex-Seal II®


For greater efficiency and safety, the Tex-Seal II® wrapper now seals with a thermal impulse system. Rather than staying hot all the time, thermal impulse applies heat -enough to melt and seal - only momentarily. Production efficiency increases, because the seal begins cooling and forming before the sealing jaws open. The process is safer, too, because by the time the jaws open, the sealing elements are cool to the touch. As a further safety improvement, thermal impulse cuts the film with a sealing element, no sharp wire or knife needed.

  • Stainless steel entrance and exit conveyor rollers

  • Direct drive motors

  • Strongarm manipulator to lift and load rolls of film onto racks

  • Expanding mandrel type film rack

  • Crumb pans under entrance conveyor rollers

  • Impulse sealer system

  • Impulse type film cutter

  • Individual elements

  • Allen Bradley 5/04 PLC with seven slot chassis of which more cards can be added

  • Separate control panels for high and low voltage. When opened wrapper will shut down.

  • 110 volt receptacle on outside of control panel for laptop computer. Also equipped with RS232 ports.

  • Panel view screen easy operator settings and trouble shooting capabilities

  • Low film alarm system with electric eyes, light and horn

  • Electronic door switches on all doors for shutdown of wrapper when opened


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